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Best of IFA 2022 Awards: All the very best products


JBL Tour Pro 2

JBL’s Tour Pro 2 thinks a touch-screen charging case makes earbuds all the more useful and we agree. The 1.45-inch touchscreen takes its cues from settings you’ll find on your smartphone, including pausing and skipping tracks, adjusting the earbud’s settings, taking calls, and even displaying notifications. With 10mm dynamic drivers, JBL’s Personi-Fi technology, and ANC, they sound pretty great too.

Urbanista Phoenix

Never have your earbuds run out of juice ever again — that’s the philosophy behind Urbanista’s Phoenix earbuds. Built with a groundbreaking Powerfoyle solar cell material, the charging case recharges when exposed to any form of light. If that’s not enough to keep you powered up, the case houses a big enough battery for 32 hours of playback. Hybrid ANC and an IPX4 rating complete a package designed to go with you anywhere. Details available on Urbanista.com.

MSI Immerse GH40 ENC gaming headset

You know what’s better than losing yourself in some serious game time? Doing so with environmental noise cancelation so you’re truly in the zone. MSI’s new Immerse GH40 gaming headset is its first to feature ENC for the most immersive gaming experience imaginable. Whether you need to block out external noise or just your family, the GH40 will keep you in the game.


Today’s headphones may sound great, but they’re not very smart. Enter CosmOS, an audio operating system designed to free headphones from vendor shackles, empowering them to run their own apps, services, and more, just like your smartphone does today. This could be the future of headphones. Watch this space.

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